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As part as MMQCI’s standard of excellence and Quality Control process, every manufactured lot of products is monitored and tested for the presence, absence, and/or accurate levels of the listed components, to ensure that the products meet our specifications and conform to your requirements. Lots are released upon approval of acceptable test results by an authorized representative of our Quality Assurance department, certifying that all requirements are met and in compliance.

Certificates of Analysis (CofA)* detailing the analysis results and giving you the assurance that the product meets its intended use, are available on-demand by typing the Product Part Number, Kit Lot Number, and/or Set Number in the boxes below. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 207.885.1072.

*Only available for our SPOTFIRE® RSP Pos & Neg Controls at this time.


Where can I find those numbers?
The Product Part Number, Kit Lot Number, and Set Number are printed on your kit label. See example below to locate this information.

Example Label