Black Lives Matter Statement by MMQCI Founders

Of course Black lives matter. They have always mattered to MMQCI, its principals and employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and require all our employees to respect their co-workers equally which they do consistently.

However, it’s clear that this is not enough. The current depth of our country’s mistreatment of Black people is astounding and egregious. Words and fair treatment by MMQCI and other companies are insufficient to correct this. Immediate ACTION is urgently needed by us, you and everyone.

We hope to set a small example of what can be done to provide equal opportunity for Black people in the United States. Education is the key to overcoming poverty and achieving goals, status and power equal to White people. MMQCI pledges to donate to the education of Black people every year until Black people have the same opportunities as White people in the U.S. This year we have donated to Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology, Florida A&M University Foundation, UNCF, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Howard University.

Please join us and ACT today to bring our country back to its roots where all people are created equal and government is of the people, by the people, for the people, that is, ALL people.

Joan Gordon and Clark Rundell