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    INTROL™ Product Information:
Product Name

MMQCI’s INTROL™ quality control products are uniquely designed to monitor the entire molecular diagnostic test process, including the extraction, amplification, and detection steps. INTROL™ is intended to be used as an external control to assist the laboratory in the detection and troubleshooting of test system errors associated with analytical variances such as reagents, equipment and operator.

INTROL™ controls are manufactured from synthetic DNA suspended in a patented, non-infectious, blood-like matrix. Each control bottle contains two synthetic alleles in mimic of genomic DNA. The DNA must be extracted and purified from its matrix before analysis. INTROL™ products are analyzed exactly as patient samples.

All INTROL™ products have been validated by comprehensive quality scored sequencing and tested in a variety of clinical methods. All MMQCI products are manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and are reproducible and reliable. We guarantee our products 100%!

  • Multiple mutations in one bottle
  • Verifies entire test including extraction
  • Non-infectious
  • Eliminates concern for patient confidentiality
  • Ready-to-use
  • Stable and reliable


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